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Dr. Phil Willingham Author Speaker Pastor

The Most Powerful Voice In Your Life

A Note From the Author - Dr. Phil Willingham

I still find it heartbreaking when I meet people, who despite the power and work of Christ they live defeated. Now, they live defeated lives not because the Bible is not true or victory has not been promised, but because they never take control of their own self talk. I have personally discovered that the most powerful voice in my life is not my parents, friends, spouse, or even God. But the most powerful voice in my life is my own self-talk. It is my desire to help others discover this and then train themselves to not only control, but defeat these negative voices. In this book I will challenge you to stop and listen to your self-talk and become self aware of how words and conversations are like elevators, they can take us up or they can take us down. This book will encourage parents, spouses, teenagers and the aged all to stop and consider how their words, both positive and negative, affect their lives and the lives of others.


My newest book, "The Most Powerful Voice in Your Life," is a great resource for businesses, churches, and everyday individuals who are ready to learn to tame their self talk. 


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"Word are the outward expressions of the inward thoughts of a person. In the Most Powerful Voice in Your Life, Phil Willingham teaches us how to retain our thinking in order to develop a positive inspirational mindset that will attract the most positive outcomes possible in our lives." 

- Dr. Elmer Towns

Cofounder of Liberty University

"Small thinkers make big stinkers! Phil Willingham teaches us the necessary path of sowing our thoughts and growing our lives. The Most Powerful Voice in Your Life, will equip you and your team to survive, strive, and succeed through life's greatest challenges, coming your way in the future. This book will catapult your thoughts many years ahead of your current life and will save you countless hours toward achieving your personal goals."

 - Dr. James O. Davis

Cofounder-Billion Soul Network

Founder-Cutting Edge International


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"As I read through the pages I thought to myself how many times I have battled the destructive thoughts and the feeling of lost hope that can consume even God's most mature leaders. This book is transformational and written from a man with his finger on the pulse of this generation! This is a must-read for all believers."

- Pat Schatzline

Evangelist, Remnant Ministries International

Author of Why is God so Mad at Me?, I Am Remnant, & Unqualified

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At the age of sixteen Dr. Phil was in a car accident that would lead to major changes and challenges in his life. It was during those early years of recuperation and often much isolation form others that he developed a strong awareness of his own inner voice. Dr. Phil has spent the last 44 years teaching, leading, evangelizing and pastoring all across the United States, helping others experience more fruitful lives through conquering their own self-talk.

Dr. Phil currently is serving as the Lead Pastor of Heartland Christian Center in Valparaiso, Indiana. He was educated at the Christian Life School of Theology and Beacon University earning three degrees. Master's Degree of Theology, Master's Degree of Divinity and a Doctoral in Ministries. He and his wife Rhonda have been married 40 years. They have 3 children Sunshine, Matthew, Amber and 6 grandchildren.

Dr. Phil Willingham Author Speaker Pastor

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